The Hedge For Hedge Funds®


GovBrain links government information and political events from around the world to individual stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. We also offer full market strategies based on our machine-learning models.

Hedge funds, using GovBrain, can leverage this information to gain a competitive advantage by anticipating political developments that affect security prices. No one else uses big government data science, machine learning and automated sentiment analysis across all asset classes for global macro trading like GovBrain.

That’s why we are THE HEDGE FOR HEDGE FUNDS.

GovBrain is also a featured client in Benzinga’s Cloud Program partner network.

“We’re very excited that GovBrain is part of the Benzinga Cloud Program. GovBrain provides unique and innovative financial data sets that will give investors a valuable trading edge.”

As a veteran-owned business, GovBrain is a member of the Vet-Tech Accelerator in Silicon Valley.

“GovBrain has a stellar team of industry experts. Their leadership abilities, which he learned as an officer in the U.S. Army, enables the team to be uniquely positioned for success in their endeavors.”
–Ryan Micheletti, Director of Operations for Vet-Tech

Legal Disclaimer:
GovBrain is a research firm that sells its analysis and data to investment funds. Users of GovBrain research and data understand that trading securities comes with inherent risk that could erode principal or capital and result in monetary loss.

Compliance Statement:
GovBrain is a research firm with its own proprietary data and analysis. It is not a news organization or news agency. GovBrain does not publish news articles from commercial web sites and does not copy, post or distribute news articles in their entirety from other sites. All news sources it may analyze during its research and analysis process are indexed only and not published. GovBrain’s automated indexing also links back to the original source. Thus GovBrain performs research and analysis within the realm of fair use and does not violate the terms of use of any commercial site. GovBrain does, however, reserve the right to reference or summarize a portion or “snippet” of any given third party news article with full and proper attribution.